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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Landlords: Should You Allow Residents to Vape in Your Saratoga Springs Rental Property?

Vaping Device Standing Next to a Mug of Hot CoffeeThere are few things more ruinous to a rental home’s interior than cigarette smoke. In this regard, most Saratoga Springs property owners involve a clause in their lease documents that prohibits smoking on the property of their rental homes.

Yet, what about vaping? The utilization of e-cigarettes as a fill-in for smoking tobacco has grown swiftly within recent years. Many people regard vaping as a safe recreational activity or even as a procedure to quit smoking, on the account that vaping is on the whole deemed to be less awful to a person’s health.

However, vaping is never harmless. The clouds of vapor that are brought about by e-cigarettes and other vaping devices dump a translucent residue on anything at all they touch, from walls to floors to furniture. Know this: wherever that air can circulate inside a home, vapor can, too. This includes inside air vents and ductwork, where nuisances could go hidden for a lengthy period.

Vapor builds residue because it is not water but glycerin. It is semi-opaque, but it does not easily evaporate into the air. In fact, it is very oily. The emissions from an e-cigarette are more similar to aerosol gas than water vapor. It has particles that are made up of chemicals, flavoring, and preservatives. When these particles come in contact with a surface, they stick to it. After some time, these particles can devise a thick film that is laborious—and financially costly—to remove.

While hard surfaces such as windows and mirrors can be cleaned, other surfaces including carpets, painted surfaces, and ductwork cannot. Scraping off the filmy residue that vaping transmits on surfaces comparable to these is tedious and may evoke long-standing damage to various items.

For instance, the particles of vapor can’t be scraped off with water, so fabrics and carpets may need to be professionally cleaned at various times a year. Painted walls are a huge challenge, on the grounds that they are porous and vapor particles will settle into every pore. The more unsmooth your walls are, the more steeply this sticky film will build upon them. The film must be scraped off consistently, but the scraping itself could be detrimental to the paint.

With the high probability of causing damage to your Saratoga Springs rental home’s interiors, it makes sense to refuse the use of e-cigarettes along with other forms of smoking. At Real Property Management Utah County, we provide frequent property evaluations to scan for signs of vaping inside your rental homes. Our competent property managers look after your properties conscientiously, establishing better lease compliance and insulating the value of your investment. To learn more, contact us online or call us directly at 801-224-0033.

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