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Should You Be Dusting Your Houseplants?

Woman Dusting Leaves of Houseplant with a Microfiber ClothThe same as any other living thing, your houseplants need to have regular care and maintenance to stay healthy. But, did you ascertain that part of caring for your houseplants is to dust their leaves? Many people know very well that dust inside a home is quite unpleasant and should be cleaned up regularly. But in fact, there can be bigger problems lurking if you leave dust to collect on your houseplants. Let’s look more closely at why you should dust the houseplants in your Orem home.

Dust Can Make You and Your Plants Sick

Whenever dust accumulates, it can become more than just a problem or nuisance. Studies have shown that dust contains harmful particles that can cause or worsen a considerable number of health problems, from asthma to allergies and beyond. If dust is that unsafe for you, think seriously about the effect it’s having on your houseplants. Leaves coated in dust can’t get enough light for photosynthesis, which is how plants actually feed themselves. It will additionally restrain your houseplants from giving off as much oxygen as they could, causing nastier indoor air. Dusting your houseplants regularly can really help keep both you and your greenery thriving.

Dust Can Hide Bigger Problems

Dusty plants, same as dust on furniture, baseboards, and windowsills, can immediately turn into an absolute eyesore. It can make your house quite seem dirty and unkempt. But, as a matter of fact, dust can equally hide bigger problems, particularly mold and disease. Dusting your houseplants regularly oftentimes allows you to check them carefully for developing issues. By immediately nipping mildew or plant diseases in the bud, you can help make certain that your plants stay as healthy as possible.

Dust Invites In Pests

One of the dirtiest secrets about neglected houseplants is that they certainly attract bugs and other pests. If you haven’t dusted your plants for quite a while, you may discover that some unwanted pests have gotten in and taken them over. Dusting your houseplants regularly can aid to keep pests away, also letting you see closely for signs of an infestation. Plants that are well-cared rarely develop serious pest problems.

When you finally fully understand that your houseplants need to have regular, good dusting, cleaning them is a manageable task. Your first step is to use a dusting wand or microfiber cloth to gently wipe the dust off of each leaf for various plants. If you have a plant with small or delicate leaves, you could just use a small paintbrush to remove accumulated dust carefully.

After, apply a substantial amount of tepid water, and a soft cloth to wipe off your houseplant’s stems and leaves. If your plant is quite big and sturdy, you could even spray the leaves clean in your kitchen sink. Just be conscientious not to use water that is too hot or too cold: you could damage your houseplant that way. When you’ve rinsed or wiped down each leaf and the pot, allow your plant to air dry completely before putting it back where it belongs.

Houseplant maintenance isn’t really that laborious, but it does entail being carried out regularly to be certain that your plants stay green and healthy. Would you like to learn more about this or other home maintenance tips? Real Property Management Utah County can, in fact, help! Contact us today online or call us at 801-889-1517.

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